poniedziałek, 30 stycznia 2012


I'm Hanna, but here, in the Internet abyss, you can call me Cassidy. I'm 19 years old. 

I've made this blog to satisfy my need of talking. Since I'm a very shy person in the real life, I think I can do it here - I mean, talking, err, I mean writing - with great results. Also, exercise my English skills for English is not my first language.

I can call myself an ordinary woman who loves wasting money and then crying how she can't afford anything. Yeah, that thing surely will find its place here. Beside that I have some other interests and hobbies that maybe don't concern lots of girls of my age.

I'm going to write mostly about Lolita Fashion. You can expect to see here some reviews, photos and read about my life in which I don't have enough savings for a dress I want to buy. In one of the first posts I'm going say more about my favourite substyles. 

Next thing will be Titanic - but I don't think about the '97 blockbuster movie, but about the real ship. I'm going to visit Southampton this April in order to take part in centenary celebrations of Her sinking and then describe the whole event here.

Next... well, you'll see soon.

Beside that, I'm going to write about some books I read, movies I watch, bands I listen to and events I'll take part of - just the things that are part of everybody's lives.
Cheers :)