niedziela, 10 czerwca 2012

Things I liked this week

I'd like to post things like that every week, but the truth is, when you study, the only thing you may like is your comprehension of a new maths material or beer with friends. None of those, however, is worth mentioning every week. Even though I adore my friends and maths is great. 

(Don't worry geology I love just as much.)
Exam session is starting from 23rd June yet I have lots of credits to get just now so I won't be an often guest here. Maths calling all the time plus I didn't do anything to prepare myself for physics or geology... Maybe two posts will appear until the 6th July. Please keep fingers crossed for me!

Ahh, let's focus on more interesting things until this blog turn into my personal diary. 

1) THIS wonderful Lolita! I love when Lolis post lots of outfits in one time - so much to see! Also I notice many of them can make really amazing coords. So why I mention this specific girl? Come on, she's amazing. I mean, sweet is still my favourite substyle to watch and this girl makes it even more cool than always. Look at her color matching in this coord. Thumbs up for TeapartyMadness!

2) Talking about Lolitas: one of my favourite Lolis, Kaori, has just created her blog in English: Kaori in Wonderland. If you don't know her from Polish forum, you may remember her posts on EGL. Great outfits and nice photos, that's what you'll find there. 

3) The transit of Venus on 6th June. Um okay, Cracow was too cloudy to be able to see anything, even the slightest sunbeam wasn't visible, but hey - we have the Internet for a reason.

4) Back on Earth again: cats know how I like read about other cultures, Japan especially. But I usually choose books for that, I don't find blogs too well written and, among all those things waiting for me on other cards it's impossible to focus on a certain blog properly and for long enough.
Guess what - I've found one special blog I've read during ONE evening and it's not because there were few posts. It's just too amazingly written, so interesting you just sink into it and cannot stop reading. The author, a Polish girl on a scholarship in Japan, writes not only about he country, but also things that are available for us all, like tv series. 
The bad thing is - the blog is closed. The author came back to Poland just recently. But still, I highly recommend reading it! Click here: 足が長いか女性の日記. 

Other things? I'm home now, playing with cats, writing with my man, sleeping well, studying maths knowing that I understand more than ever. Good thing going. 

piątek, 1 czerwca 2012

Essence "A New League"

Today's a POLISH/ENGLISH post. 

Na nową limitkę Essence “A New League” czekałam, od kiedy zobaczyłam jej zapowiedź na jednym z blogów. Spodobał mi się bronzer. Nie tylko jego design, ale także fakt, że składał się z czterech odcieni – zachwyciła mnie wizja manewrowania pędzlem tak, by osiągnąć kilka efektów jednym produktem.
"A New League” miała być tylko w drogeriach Rossmann i na razie nie miałam czasu zweryfikować tej informacji – do żadnej Natury nie zajrzałam. Okazało się jednak, że nie każdy Rossmann bierze udział w promocji. Odwiedziłam cztery sklepy i tylko w jednym był stand z kosmetykami. Niestety było ich bardzo niewiele, po trzy-cztery sztuki każdego rodzaju. Pierwszego dnia promocji o godzinie 10:00 zgarnęłam przedostatni bronzer, szczotek już nie było, lipstain został jeden. Zdaje się, że gdybym weszła do Rossmanna trzy godziny później, po zajęciach, zastałabym puste stoisko…

Cóż. Przyjrzyjmy się moim rzeczom.

I was waiting for the new Essence’s limited edition "A new League” since the day I’ve saw the ad on someone’s blog. I really wanted the bronzing powder. It was not only the look of it but the fact it contained four different shades that made it a “must-have” – I was delighted by the vision of cruising the brush so that to achieve several different effects while having only one product.
“A New League” was to be in Rossmanns only (?). It turned out, though, not every Rossmann had this edition. I visited four shops and only one had the stand with the cosmetics, and there were few of them: the first day of the sale at 10:00 I grabbed the last-but-one bronzer, hairbrushes were gone, lipstain was one. Seems if I went to Rossmann three hours later, after my lectures, the only thing I’d see would have been the empty stand…  

Ah well! Let’s see my things, then.


Miałam kupić tylko brozner, ale kiedy stanęłam przed tymi wszystkimi produktami, nie mogłam się powstrzymać. Sprawdziłam lipstain – niestety, mimo tego, że dawał ustom wspaniałe uczucie, tragicznie na nich wyglądał.
Cienie natomiast wyglądały genialnie. Co prawda ten, który podobał mi się najbardziej, w odcieniu 01 był już wykupiony, ale 03 - Oh De Prep - okazał się równie ładny. Bardzo łatwo się go aplikuje i cudownie wygląda na skórze. Dodatkowo mogę zapewnić, że byle woda go nie zmyje… Nie wiem, kiedy będę go nosić, bo jestem bladziochem i nie przepadam za mocnym makijażem, ale, nooo…. Musiałam!

I was to buy the bronzing powder only, but when I faced all those products, I couldn’t help but trying them all. First the lipstain – sadly, despite giving a wonderful feeling to lips, it looked TERRIBLY.
Eyeshadows, on the other hand, looked perfect. Truth is the one I liked the most – 01 – was sold out, but the 03, Oh De Prep, turned out to be as pretty. It’s very easy to apply and looks wonderful on skin. Plus I can assure you any water can wash it off. I have no idea where I’ll wear this since I’m very pale and don’t like strong make-up, but, well… I had to!

Ah, what the hell.