sobota, 7 kwietnia 2012


Yeah, you may think I do nothing but shopping. But it isn't true - I eat, too :D

Let's check what I managed to buy. Because of the next-weekend trip to England my funds are limited so my shopping is smaller than usually when I shop with my mom.


ZIAJA, eye makeup remover. Eh... it sucks. Really. Beside the nice smell and the fact it doesn't irritate your eyes (and my eyes are very sensitive so it's not a common thing), it's just bad. It smudges your makeup instead of washing it off. I spent really long time on removing my mascara and barely anything vanished. My eyelids were black, a flake didn't seize much. I had to use my mum's makeup remover 'cause I thought I should have used half a bottle of this one to remove the mascara. Why did I buy it? I forgot to buy a makeup remover in a drugstore. I came back home, had to go to a local shop and as they had only this one I didn't have any choice. 2/5

UNDER TWENTY, ANTI!ACNE moisturising and matting cream. I'm faithful to this (and A!A Intense) series, it really works. I don't have many problems with my skin, I mean I don't often get spots nor I ever had acne, but the sebum emit is horrible. Or rather, was. My skin has been in a very good condition since I started using the series. And I had big problems before, nothing could stop my face from glittering...
Sometimes I'd like to change Under Twenty to something else, but I always end up with Anti!Acne in my shopping basket. 5/5

ZIAJA, purifaying mask. I've read lots of good reviews about it and decided to buy it myself. It indeed makes your skin soft, smooth and clean, and mattes it a little. Your face looks fresh and healthy. I'm surely buying it again! 5/5


RIMMEL, Stay Matte pressed powder. Another thing I stick to for good and bad. It does a beautiful matte effect and lasts very long. Usually I don't have to correct it for six-seven hours, sometimes longer. 5/5

SENSIQUE, Trendy Colour eye shadows. I haven't use it on my eyes yet but here you have the swatch:

As you can see, the third colour is a nice pinkish skin tone, barely visible. I really like it for it completes the first two eye shadows. I needed (well, I'LL need actually) a nice blue x brown combination. I think of getting a more greyish blue eyeshadow from My Secret, but this one I have will do anyway. It's too soon to say anything more about it or rate it, so I leave it without any mark. I presume you'll see the effects at the beginning of May :)


ISANA, Body Roll-on. It was on sale (cost only 3,79PLN) so it was nearly obvious I'd buy it ;) I doubt if it really can fight cellulitis, but I think it may be a great addition to the anty-celli cosmetics I use. The only problem with this is it stinks. Yeah. I can't stand the smell during the application, I don't know how to call this odour, but I hate it. Luckily after the massage it vanishes and you can smell a menthol and feel a delicate coolness. 

BIELENDA, Orange Skin, anti-cellulite & stretch marks Intensive Serum. It's my second packing. Very good one, really. With systematic massages and peelings it really works and reduce cellulitis and stretch marks. It doesn't do wonders but it's pretty good for its price. 4/5


ISANA, oil care shampoo for breakable and glossless hair. Didn't use it yet.

ISANA, conditioner for weak and damaged hair. Too bad it contains silicone, but it was too hard to find a non-drying (aka non-alcohol) hair mist. The last one I had got way too much alcohol. As they say: something for something. At worst I'll have to wash my hair before oiling :D
Also it has nice appleish smell.

And the last, non-cosmetic item: tiger blouse from C&A. I wanted it a few weeks ago already but didn't have enough money. Now I took the 20% discount. 
It's awesome!
Got it in M size instead of S, but I like it even better 'cause it's perfectly loose. I've been very fond of such tops recently.

Last but not least!

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  1. nie używam zalotki. nie lubię tego płynu z ziaji :(

  2. wlasnie koncze ten isana roll on nic on nie zdziałał

    1. U mnie on leży bezużyteczny, jednak wolę inne produkty.

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