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The Titanic Adventure: part 1

Ok, so I'm back Poland. I'm still a little tired and have lots of things to do. This post will be written in a couple of sessions.
I know some of you have been in England numerous times or maybe even you live there. But for me, this was the first serious external trip and I was very excited! Please understand my emotions :)

Me and my friend (let's call her [F.] for the blog's needs) had a flight at 8:45 pm and arrived at London Stansted before 10 pm GMT I believe. That was my first flight and I was kind of scared at first, but then we focused on more pleasing things, like playing cards or looking for cities' lights. That was really amazing view and I regret my camera couldn't catch it... London was incredibly beautiful from a distance.

Would you like to play some Pokemon?
There was a whole night at the airport waiting for us, but we weren't upset. We checked where our Terravision bus was to departed from and then visited WHSmith in order to find some Titanic stuff. Of course we did, I bought a book and a newspaper:

I didn't expect seeing either of them, really. I mean, I knew newspapers would contain information about the ship, but the REPRINT of a genuine 1912's Daily Express' article? This was a perfect thing for me.
I think the book about Bruce Ismay is a good thing since nearly all people interested in the Titanic hate him and call him a coward. I think the source of his actions were more complicated and the best way is to understand them. Hope that book will help!
F. bought A Night to Remember, too, a beautiful anniversary edition. I didn't, since I have one already.

The night wasn't the best, it was very cold and not too comfortable, but the morning came in the end, so we decided to buy some drinks. F. chose coffee, I prefered tea.

Pardon my face :D
This was the first time we agreed England was cheaper than we expected. Really, the cheapest coffee on the Polish airport was for 11 or 12PLN. Here you could buy coffee for 2GBP, which meant it was about 10PLN.

Ok, so the next thing was to reach London. We bought our tickets ealier so we had to just jump into a bus departing at 7:15 am and look out for the signs of the city...

... and the city itself.

Here we go! Victoria Coach Station:

But our bus waited somewhere else, on that side of the street I stood to take the photo above.

At 9:15 am we set off to Southampton, the city where Titanic started Her first and last cruise.

Next part coming soon.

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