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The Titanic Adventure: part 2

Despite being at home since Friday, I had totally no time to write. I went shopping, then spent three wonderful days with my boyfriend, eventually I was just relaxing while watching Glee and The Big Bang Theory. I have one lolita-inspired outfit to show, but since I left my phone USB in Cracow, those photos must wait.
For now, then, part two of the Titanic Adventure!

The weather was good when we were leaving London, yet it started raining during our journey. Southampton welcomed us with cold and rain as well, but we weren't upset because of that. We had more interesting things to do than hiding from the water... Actually, we were just making our way towards big amount of water... The harbour.

The same harbour Titanic left one hundred years ago (not the same docks, though, we didn't know their exact location).

The harbour is quite narrow, nearly the width of an average lake, but it still has its effect. Here are the photos of its last part, you can see the exit towards the sea on the horizon. 

Then we walked towards the Maritime Museum...

Guess what, it was closed. We didn't expect that, I mean, who would close the TITANIC museum on its centenary? We didn't even check it on the Internet, 'cause seriously, it was something that certainly should have been opened, maybe even had some special events on that day... Later it turned out, all showpieces have been moved to another museum, unfortunately we didn't manage to get to it before it was closed.

It started raining a lot, so we, quite upset now and wet, decided to go to the hotel. On our way, however, we decided to buy an umbrella in a elapsed shop and it was our best choice of the day: F. asked the cashier if some events were to take place that night and she not only told us about them, but also explained how to get to the place they were to happen. 
Our hotel room was great, but I don't think it makes sense putting here pics of it. Corridors, however, were truly interesting: we agreed they looked somehow like old ship ones, narrow and with low ceiling.

We could see the harbour out of our hotel window, you must admit it's something special for every Titanic lover ;) the photo doesn't exactly show it, but if you look closer, you'll see the cranes.

After having a bath, a cup of tea and coffee and small meal, we looked at map and planned our further activities.

We arrived at city centre and went to the mall - F. was looking for adapter to UK plugs. Surprisingly, we hit on some other event...

Cosplay Anime Manga Event! I was in love with M&A several years ago so it still had some meaning to me, especially seeing girls dressed as Sailor Mars or Sailor Mercury, but in fact, I took the photo for my boyfriend who's problably one step from becoming an otaku, yet he's not interested in conventions at all. You can only imagine how happy he was when I showed him this pic, he nearly wanted to go to Southampton RIGHT NOW. Have some reasons to take him there next year :D

The mall wasn't our goal, however. The reason we went there was we got to know something big was prepared in a park nearby.

And by saying "big", I mean "big". As much as Titanic was.

Next part coming soon.

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