niedziela, 6 maja 2012

Classic Lolita Outfit

Ok, maybe it's not exactly Lolita - it was so hot I didn't wear a blouse nor tights or socks (actually, I don't have proper nice socks - I plan to buy ones from H&M soon), in the end I didn't even wear a petticoat, but let's face it - full lolita outfit isn't very comfortable for hot shopping day. May everyone be happy, let's call it loli inspired coord.

Okay, so I shut up and show you what I wore:

 I really liked how my hair looked but it weren't too stable so I turned my buns into ponytails...

It didn't look as good, but at least I was sure I wouldn't have corrected it all the time.

Also, I know I look weird wearing those sunglasses, but the truth is, I look weird in any I could try. So I thought I'll wear all those I like if every single one gives me such a strange look. 

I know this one, most important pic is too small, but the rest of the photo was the vicinity of the mirror so I cut it, and my phone was adjusted to take such small photos... Nevermind, I believe I'll wear this outfit once again in the future and thus, take better photos.

5 komentarzy:

  1. zapinanie się pod szyję przy takich temperaturach to niestety samobójstwo. Bez koszuli też bardzo ładnie. słodki i dziewczęco

  2. kapelutek jest prześwietny :)